News by, Sr Leena DCosta BS, Coordinator

Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra,unit of Bethany Social Service Trust (R) Bendur Mangalore in collaboration with Youth Red Cross Unit of Padua College of Commerce and Management and Oasis India Organised Street play on Prevention of Human trafficking for the students.

The program commenced with the prayer song invoking God's blessings by the students. Rev Fr Arun Wilson Lobo the Principal welcomed the dignitaries, Sr Leena DCosta the program Coordinator of Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra briefed aim of the event to raise awareness about the critical issue of human trafficking and empower students and the community to combat it effectively. Mr Daniel Jabaraj Prevention of Human trafficking officer of Oasis Bangalore, highlighted very essential information of human trafficking, it’s a trade of buying selling of human beings.

The program featured a powerful street play performance on human trafficking by students from Christ College, Bangalore. This creative presentation served as an impactful medium to convey the importance message of preventing human trafficking to the audience.





















The program was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Rev. Fr Arun Wilson Lobo, the Principal of Padua Degree College, and Mrs. Mariatte Mascarenhas, the Principal of Padua PU College, Mr Renny D’Souza, Mr Daniel Jabaraj, Sr Leena D’Costa BS the Coordinator of Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra. Their participation added prestige and importance to the event, emphasizing the significance of combating human trafficking at both educational and community levels.

The programme served as a reminder of the importance of collaborative efforts to combat this grave issue in our society. 1300 students of PU and degree class have taken the pledge to work on the prevention of human trafficking with the active involvement of students and the support of distinguished guests, making it a significant step in the on-going fight against human trafficking. Mukthi Bike challenge bike riders, who have come all the way from the UK and Germany. Their presence of ride gave everyone a boost, to give our best in the cause of prevention of human trafficking Prof. Roshan Santhumayor, YRC program officer, compered the event, and Mr Shamugum delivered the vote of thanks.



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