Bethany Social Service Trust was an effort to give a comprehensive framework to the pro-poor activities of the Institution, specifying Vision, Goal and Objectives. It was registered in 1995 with Sr Agnella BS, the then Superior General as the President, and Sr Jyoti BS, the then Asst Superior General, General Coordinator of the Social and Medical Apostolate as the Secretary of the Trust. Sr Jyoti worked consistently to stabilize the social work activities of the Congregation. Under her leadership and with the assistance of Coady Institute Canada, more than 50 Sisters were trained in social work. Mr Amit, the director of Coady Institute conducted training programmes for three consecutive years in different parts of the country.

The office of BSST was named Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra. Thereafter Sahodaya became a hub of multifarious developmental activities carried on in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts especially for women and children. There was a sudden spurt of developmental works which consisted in the formation of mahila mandals, women empowerment schemes, Vanitha residential vocational centre, birth of District Women’s Forum, Karnataka Open School and it took over the administration of Shubhadha Society at Suralpady.

‘SAHODAYA’, means ‘Rising Together’ was the Vision of the Bethany Social Service Trust to give equal opportunities to all for their all round development especially girl children and women. Since its inception BSST ® through SAHODAYA continues to work in more than 200 villages for its developmental Activities.

Initially focus was on formation of women groups known as Mahila Mandals. Then gradually it moved towards the promotion of SHGs. So at present we have more than 40 SHGs in various villages of Dakshina Kannada District and many socially useful activities are being organized according to the needs of the locality. Training women for political leadership through Gram Panchayats, Rain Water Harvesting, promoting Vocational Skills and Open School Education for the drop outs, Non-Formal and Adult Education classes, Summer Programmes to enhance the capacity of the rural school going children were but a few activities conducted regularly.

Promoting Dakshina Kannada Women’s Forum was initiated by Sr Jyoti BS, as there was no common forum for women at Dakshina Kannada District to come together and to fight collectively over the increasing crime against women and also to promote their development through this forum. Networking with other NGOs like School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, Family Service Agency, Mahila Jala, Okkuta, Sanchi, Valored, Bhandavya, Spandana, DEEDS, CODP, Domestic Workers' Movement, and People’s Movement for Enforcement of Constitutional Rights and Values. As we work together with the various organisations and individuals, values of communal harmony, mutual respect and understanding, concern for the common cause, sharing the resources by the various organisations give us a sense of joy and help us to proceed to face the challenges of building a society based on love, freedom and gender equality for the Kingdom of God.

It strives to fulfill its objectives through the 7 Province Social Service wings viz Mangalore, Bangalore, Western, Southern, Northern, Eastern and North East Provinces, Central Administration, 2-Delegation Abroad and Tanzania Delegation. Under the guidance of the respective Provincial Superiors and the Province Coordinators for Socio-Medical Apostolate, activities are carried on systematically based on our Vision, Goal and Objectives and the Thrust of the various General Chapters. Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra aims to extend the compassionate and merciful love of God to all, through the empowerment and restoration of human dignity of the poor, under privileged, marginalized and exploited humanity in the society.

We commit to the mandate of the XVI General Chapter to venture into the frontier ministries in combating human trafficking and promoting safe migration thus to reach out to the needy in our respective work areas. The objectives are realized through the educational and developmental activities for the women, Entrepreneurial Skill Development Programmes, Socio-Economic and Political Empowerment, Promotion of Health, Gender Justice, Counselling Services, Accompanying the Distressed, settlement of Family Disputes, Rehabilitation of the clients, Organizing the Unorganized, preparing the children for Competitive Exams and Promotion of Ecology, Rain Water Harvesting, Popularization of Organic Farming, Establishment of a community college in each province with its motto including the excluded, giving the best to the least and networking with other Non Government Organizations. All these are achieved through the strategy of Rights Based Approach.


  • Jeevandhara, Women’s Empowerment Project, Legal Aid Service, Kulshekar.
  • Sanjivini, Integrated Community Health Centre under the auspices of Concetta Hospital, Kinnigoli.
  • Shubhadha, a Short Stay Home for women in distress, Suralpady.
  • Seva Ashram, Technical Institute, Jalasangi.
  • Karnataka Open School, Vamanjoor.
  • Anugraha, Social and Health Centre, Sampaje.
  • Fr L. M Pinto Community Health Centre, Badyar.
  • St. Raymond’s Technical Training Centre, Vamanjoor.
  • Shanthi Seva Kendra, Siddakatte.

Karunalaya is a unit of Bethany Social Service Trust and a sister concern of Sahodaya, Bethany Seva Kendra. It took its birth on 21.06.2001 in order to combat the struggles of beedi rolling women who were poor, illiterate, migrants, struggling to eke out their living. Finding an alternative way of life for them became our focus. The place was donated by Dr Jessie Tellis Nayak, one of the great woman thinkers and visionary who worked for many decades through WINA (Women in Modern India). Various programmes were conducted for the women and awareness was created thorough process of discussions and information dissemination on legal aid, human rights, gender sensitization, human growth and behavior, health & hygiene. Women participate in all the activities which enhances their self-esteem. Karunalya has extended its service to Katipalla, a parish on the outskirts of the city of Mangalore by organizing Self Help Groups. Sr Dulicis continues to render her services to these women.

Shubhadha Society, founded by the great women leaders of Dakshina Kannada, Dr Olinda Periera, Celine Aranha and Lizzie Pereira, great thinkers and visionaries was handed over to Bethany Congregation to continue their good work to provide short shelter for women in crisis, to popularize the medicinal plants, campaign to protect environment. Shubhadha has been a blessing for women who are in a state of crisis and who suffer from violence in the family and society. It offers residential facilities to those women who are affected psycho-socially, or otherwise, irrespective of caste or creed for a period of three to six months.


Founding Trustee Members of BSST at its inception in 1995

S  No




Sr  Agnella B S

President Bethany Social Service Trust ®, Bethany Generalate, Mangalore - 575002


Sr  Jyoti BS

Secretary, Bethany Social Service Trust ®, Bethany Generalate, Mangalore - 575002


Sr  Medella  BS

Treasurer, Bethany Social Service Trust ®, Bethany Generalate, Mangalore - 575002


Sr  Lillis BS

Member, Bethany Social Service Trust ®, Bethany Generalate, Mangalore - 575002


Sr  Clerina BS

Member, Bethany Social Service Trust ®, Bethany Generalate, Mangalore - 575002


Sr  Ann Teresa BS

Member, Bethany Social Service Trust ®, Bethany Generalate, Mangalore - 575002


Office Bearers of BSST from 1994 to 2016…




Secretaries cum Directors



1992 - 1998

Sr  Agnella B S

Sr  Jyoti B S

Sr  Medalla B S


1998 - 2004

Sr  Jyoti B S

Sr  Lillis B S

Sr  Josina B S


2004 - 2010

Sr  Jyoti B S

Sr  Wilberta B S

Sr  Josina B S


2010 - 2016

Sr  Wilberta B S

Sr  Assumpta B S

Sr  Christine B S


2016 -

Sr  Rose Celine B S

Sr  Shanthi Priya B S

Sr  Chrisitne B S


Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra Coordinators from 1994 to 2018…



Name of the Coordinators of Sahodaya


1994 - 1996

Sr Lenita B S,  Asst Sr Josephine B S & Sr Prema B S


1996 - 2000

Sr  Michelle B S


2000 - 2004

Sr Anna Maria B S


2004 - 2006

Sr Leena Pereira B S


2006 - 2012

Sr Prema B S


2012 - 2018

Sr Michelle B S


2018 -

Sr Leena D’Costa B S

Sr Josphine, Sr Lenita, Sr Prema and Sr Michelle as the Program Coordinators of Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra along with the social workers worked committedly to organize women groups and registered them.

Sr Lillis who was appointed the General Coordinator for social work in 1998 and got the projects extended from Caritas and worked towards forming Federations. A large number of vocational training programmes were launched in the villages in collaboration with the Karnataka Polytechnic and the Women’s Polytechnic Institutes. In partnership with other four NGOs, a Trust named Sanchi was formed chiefly in view of implementing a pilot project as a supplementary income to beedi rollers. This was sponsored by the International Labour Organization, Delhi.

Sr Wilberta who assumed responsibility as the directress of Sahodaya in 2004, deserves appreciation for launching in collaboration with the government the new project –school for child labourers. She was assisted by Sr Leena Pereira as the Program Coordinator in organizing various projects of Sahodaya. This Centre also became a ‘hands on’ training for the young Bethanites in their formation in mission. Training programmes in social analysis, gender justice, as well as social exposure programmes equip them for their future mission. The BSW and the MSW students from various colleges of Social Work in Mangalore are placed for their field work at Sahodaya.

From 2004-2016 Sr Assumpta became the General Co-ordinator for Socio-Medical Apostolate of the Congregation and Secretary of BSST gave a motivating leadership and steered the projects of Sahodaya Bethany Seva Kendra with zest and dedication. She has worked ardently for the betterment of the women. She has conducted various annual meets and in-service training programs to the sisters motivating them to launch out in social field with creativity and courage.

Since 2016 onwards Sr Shanthi Priya took up the responsibility as the General Co-ordinator for Socio-Medical Apostolate of the Congregation and Secretary of BSST. She systematically revitalized the ministries of the Congregation laying emphasis on the priorities of the XVI General Chapter venture into the frontier ministries in combating human trafficking, promoting safe migration, care of the catholic migrant youth, family apostolate, promotion of alternative systems of medicine and palliative care. Accordingly she organised a Congregational workshop to capacitate the sisters engaged in these apostolates. The contribution of Bethany in frontier ministries, the learning experiences of the sisters engaged in the ministries, the best practices of one’s involvement and the impact of the mission will soon be documented.



The objectives of the Trust are solely for the purpose of charitable, welfare, developmental and educational activities for the benefits of the general public irrespective of caste, creed, language, religion and race in India.

  1. To establish, undertake, run, maintain, conduct, manage, sponsor or take over projects for improving the living condition of the people in general and women and children in particular.
  2. To promote integral human development inculcating social, moral and cultural values and promoting educational and recreational activities.
  3. To promote art, literature and Indian culture and for that purpose to conduct programmes such as lectures, seminars, training camps and classes; to paint and publish literature and teaching aids, to conduct regular certificate diploma, degree courses in social science and medical science.
  4. To conduct formal and non-formal activities, award scholarship, conduct self employment programmes and technical institutes, to run hostels for students and employed women.
  5. To promote agriculture and agricultural related eco-friendly environmental programmes and activities.
  6. To cater to medical needs of public, that of opening or establishing dispensaries, hospitals, clinics, counseling centers under different systems of medicines and to promote community health.
  7. To render financial assistance to other charitable institution, trusts, societies or organization engaged in activities similar to those of this Trust.
  8. To carry on any other activities which involves service to the society and for the common good of people, particularly of women and children.
  9. To constitute or cause to be constituted regional branches, offices and committees at convenient centers in Karnataka and other parts of India.



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